Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Something NEW in Glass?

Yes, technically, nothing is new. But new to me are Shawn Tucker's awesomely cute and fascinating creatures on obsidian. He heats a piece of obsidian in the kiln, then sculpts a boro creature on the hot surface. Cool!

He also makes and sells tools for glass artists. Above is an example of a fish made with his fish pliers. Also above are the fish tools he makes and sells. Super nice, I got a pair of these and am currently exploring dragon heads by utilizing the adjustable jaws, which allow the masher to be opened and squeezed on larger items.
And the creme de la creme, the arrow marver! Shawn has built this out of graphite, and it is sweeeeet! with an adjustable mount, the tool can be left loose so the artist can spin it to where they need it or tightened to keep it sturdy. It allows for one-handed tube-opening, etc, use your imagination! Versatile and well made.

Checkout Shawn's work at his etsy site, where you can purchase his tools, or his glass work , Shawn Tucker Glass.