Friday, July 3, 2015

Where can you go to be Absolutely Fabulous?

I am fabulous everyday.
I work hard to match my pink hair with my bright clothes. My favorite comment from my son is "Mommy, you are dressed like a clown!" 

I enjoy it, I thrive on it, I wouldn't be any other way.

And as I travel more and more for shows, I'm finding places where my fabulousness is frowned upon. Places where the general regard is "what the h€|l -!!??"

And I find myself stiffening and not feeling so fabulous.

Then I arrive at the Bead show, and there they are, there we are, the women who refuse to stuff our fire into a suit, the glitter girls, the glamour squad, the wild and the mild and all with it expressed all over ourselves. 

And I feel myself grow taller, and I see others rising when I say , "Yeah! You brighten the world!" To someone with red hair in the back, white in a stripe around the mid and black in the front.( sounds bizzarre, but I tell you, totally cool!)

Here are some pictures from the Kinetic Sculpture race in Baltimore Maryland. Yes, another place to go to be utterly fabulous and utterly you. This is an obstacle course for essentially bicycle style pedaled artistic parade floats. It's described as a sculpture race, but it is what it is. 
I wore what I always wear, and was treated like someone special. 😊

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